Fredrik Cassel 16 August 2023

Welcome Lindus Health

In August 2021, just as I had moved with my family to London to help launch the UK hub for Creandum, there was one company that I kept hearing about that was just about to close their first round of funding and that I couldn’t get out of my head. The team, the market — ripe for disruption — and the proposition of a new entrant built from the ground up sounded like all the things we were looking for. In the midst of the moving frenzy I failed to get in front of them — I tell myself today that it would have been too late anyway.

When we heard early this year that the team was thinking about adding another partner to help push their growth further, and raising more money, we scrambled to meet them and to do most if not all of our homework on the market and their proposition before that first meeting. We almost got there ahead of our first chat with Meri on video, at least enough to immediately schedule a full day with the team the next week. By the time we got to Lindus’ office, we knew most of what we needed to really lean in and make the most of our joint time together. And as the day developed and our high expectations were met, we could tell that this was a truly exceptional team and opportunity. So over dinner we invited them to meet our full team a few days later.

The market

Clinical trials have become a major obstacle in drug development for pharmaceutical, biotech, and consumer health companies. The speed and reliability of the more than 9,000 industry-sponsored clinical trials each year are notoriously low, with 86% of clinical trials experiencing delays.

Around 75% of clinical trials are outsourced to Contract Research Organisations (CROs) that are running a highly inefficient, manual trial process. Incentives for innovation in the CRO space have been weak, and they see themselves as service providers who bill by the hour.

This is the basis for Lindus Health’s innovation, and the results — a true next generation clinical trial company — are the reason we are so excited to welcome Lindus to the Creandum funds’ portfolio. The Creandum funds’ led the Series A round alongside Paypal co-founder Peter Thiel and existing investors Firstminute Capital and Seedcamp.

How Lindus works

Lindus Health utilizes its technology platform to execute clinical trials from start to finish at 2–3x the speed of competitors, helping treatments reach patients more quickly to improve and extend the lives of those living with chronic illnesses.

Lindus Health has a software-first approach in trial design, patient and site recruitment, and data management. Lindus leverages AI in trial design and patient-trial-matching based on tens of millions of patients from EHR databases. This speeds up the drug approval process with authorities by improving data capture, data management, and regulatory monitoring.

The right team to win

From our first interactions, we’ve been incredibly impressed by the ambition, relentless work ethic, and quality of the Lindus Health team. Michael Young and Meri Beckwith founded the company in 2021. Michael previously worked as a special advisor for the Prime Minister for a number of years and Meri was a venture investor in the healthcare space. Nik Haldimann joined as late co-founder with serial entrepreneurial experience on the engineering side from companies such as Benevolent.Ai, Placemeter and Descartes Labs.

Lindus now has a team of 40 people, from companies including Meta, Google, Oxford University and Optum Health, covering the US, UK, and EU.

Team Lindus

Helping Treatments Reach Patients More Quickly

Having already delivered more than 80 clinical trials across the US, UK and Europe, Lindus Health is currently launching trials in areas including menopause, tinnitus, insomnia and childhood myopia.

With this latest funding round, Lindus Health will be expanding its team and continue on an even steeper trajectory towards becoming the leading, next generation clinical research orgnaization.

A warm welcome to the full team of Lindus Health to the #Creandumfamily — we’re eager to support with all of our network on the exciting steps ahead.

Lindus is currently hiring for a broad range of business development, clinical operations and operational roles — click here and join one of the hottest early-stage healthtech companies in the world.


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