Richard Keuntje

London, Analyst

Richard is one of our Analysts based in London. He follows an agnostic approach but is especially passionate about B2B SaaS, AI, and anything in between. 

On a family vacation during the 2006 football World Cup, I bought the daily newspaper in the morning, cut circles out of it, and combined them as buttons which I then tried to sell on the beach. I sold one button on the first day and three buttons on the second day, being able to buy 4 panini sticker packets. Even though this is a pretty bad invested time/revenue ratio, these two days were the most fun on the vacation.

Staffan and Richard

I grew up in a very creative and entrepreneurial family. At home, I have dozens of notebooks where I scribbled sketches for furniture designs and other drawings. Through my family, I learned to appreciate creative work and learned from an early age that entrepreneurship comes with autonomy and possibilities but also with a lot of responsibility and unglamorous work.

Team offsite in the mountains

Growing up with more than two-thirds of my classmates being international made me curious about different cultures and political discourse. I developed the belief that if you have the option to change something, even if your current situation is good, it is always better to have the extra experience than to rest on your laurels. With every decision I need to make I ask myself “What if everything goes right?”; if the most optimistic outcome is better than the status quo, I am willing to take the risk.

Richard and Nick plowing through some powder

After school, I moved to Copenhagen and London to study, worked in Munich and Berlin, and came back to London when Creandum offered me to join their investment team. I love working every day with the team to find the companies that define our future and learn about new problems and industries by standing on the shoulders of giants.