Niclas Engström

Stockholm, Finance Manager

Niclas is our Finance Manager based in Stockholm. He has his hand in every financial aspect - from the pre-and post-investment process to making sure all numbers add up.

The first paycheck I ever received was from McDonald's when I was 15. Even though the hourly salary wasn’t high, it paid off with the learnings I made. You only succeeded when you were service-minded, could handle stress, and get things done. Characteristics that accompany me to this day.

Niclas and Simon building their ice sculpture

As a child, I was good at numbers but never wanted to work in an office. I became a personal trainer creating detailed, calculated, personalized training plans for busy people. One day one of my clients approached me and said “I think you can do more than that. Have you thought about pursuing a career in finance?”. He triggered something in me that maybe I needed to hear. After studying business and economics, I started working at PWC, quickly realizing that I wanted to make a difference with my work and have an impact on the entire business rather than just being a small piece in a big corporate. I looked for companies that I would like to work for and stumbled across Creandum at some point. Creandum not only opened the opportunity to make a difference but even showed me that I can accomplish more than I thought – and that it’s okay to sometimes fail on the way while you’re growing into the person you want to be.

Janick, Lisa, Niclas, Iris, Ginger, and Jakob in the Berlin office

My friends and family say that one of the most geeky sides of me is my relation to sports in which they are probably right. Also when I start something new - whether Muay Thai, Crossfit, Running, Gym, etc. - I need to do it 100%. Meaning every day a week, watching YouTube clips, listening to podcasts, reading articles, and everything related to it to get better. Besides my work events, there’s one fixed slot in my calendar: when Malmö FF (the football team) plays. I’ve never missed a single game and I am very eager to keep the streak going.

Anna-Karin, Niclas, and Gemma brainstorming

Niclas, Lisa, and Isabelle

Ginger and Niclas