Katarina Lilljequist Briem

Stockholm, Executive Assistant

Katarina is the Executive Assistant in the Stockholm Office supporting Johan Brenner and Fredrik Cassel. She plays a vital role in orchestrating the seamless flow of activities between deals, board meetings, and founder support.

I grew up in a warm and welcoming home in a small city in the South of Sweden. Being an only child I learned early on how to proactively build relationships which has ultimately led to the strong social skills I have today. For as long as I can remember, I’ve always been an outgoing and curious individual with a genuine interest in connecting with people.

AK, Sabina, Staffan, and Katarina exercising their hand stands

As a child I spent weekends on long walks along the sandy beaches of Skåne, exploring flea markets in the countryside and always ended the day with delicious home-cooked meals. These formative experiences really shaped the way I live my life today. My desire to support and care for others led me to my first role with Malmö Aviation working as a stewardess. I found immense joy brightening other people’s days. This commitment to looking after people continued as I transitioned to the role of Office Manager at Diplomat Communications in Stockholm.

Team off-site memories from Israel

In 2012, I joined Creandum as an Office Manager in Stockholm, a journey that would span a decade and transform the company into my work family. Whilst I cherished my role as Office Manager, an exciting opportunity emerged to support Johan and Fredrik as their Executive Assistant. I eagerly accepted this new challenge, driven by the prospect of enabling others to be their most exceptional selves. My attention to detail has earned me a black belt in solving the most intricate calendar puzzles, and it brings me immense joy to assist Johan and Fredrik in every aspect of their roles.

Ellen, Lisa, Ginger, and Katarina in sunny Andermatt

Alongside my incredible colleagues, I take pride in creating an office environment where every individual is cared for. This also extends into my personal life, where I delight in organizing gatherings for friends and family. I love hosting dinners with my husband and two kids where we take pleasure in creating cherished moments for our loved ones.