Jesper Bergman

Stockholm, Senior Legal Counsel

Jesper is our Senior Legal Counsel based in Stockholm. He ensures that the Creandum legal structure and operations function in the best way possible and that everything legal-related runs smoothly in the background.

I grew up in a small town in Sweden as the youngest child of two doctors. Everything in my childhood was about understanding the logic behind something. While my parents wanted me to become a doctor as well, I always wanted to become an engineer. For me, it was way more interesting to understand how a car can speed up rather than why my knee hurts.

Johan, Jesper, Carl, and Fred

At some point in high school, I became part of the student council and got more and more into the concept of society. I was fascinated by how democracy and other forms of government work, how there is law and order, and how you make people follow the rules. I wanted to understand this on a deeper level and decided to study law.

Anna-Karin and Jesper at a team event

Since I can remember, I wanted to become really good at whatever I did. Whether it was playing ice hockey with my brother, sailing with my wife, or working as a lawyer in my professional career. My ambition to understand different concepts and mechanisms from the ground up is what drives me most.

When I started my first job at a big law firm in Sweden, I loved to put all my effort in, noticing how, case by case I solved for my clients, I could add value to businesses I helped. But at some point, I didn’t want to only solve every problem that was put on my desk but rather understand which problem right now is really necessary to solve and how that relates to being part of something bigger.

When Creandum offered me to join their legal team, it was a pretty straightforward decision. Being in the position to help Creandum evolving long term and continue backing the greatest companies of tomorrow puts the work I do as a lawyer in a different context and makes every challenge more valuable.