Janick Wagner

Berlin, Analyst

Janick is one of our Analysts based in Berlin. He follows an agnostic approach but is especially passionate about enterprise software, fintech, and technical SaaS.

Ever since I can remember, I have been in love with sports and competition. For me, there’s no fun when there’s nothing at stake. In everything I do, I want to be able to compete with the best and test the benchmark of where I stand. This desire probably stems from my early days when ski racing, and playing football, as well as American football, dominated my life.

Berlin team in front of the office

When I was around 15, I was fortunate to be able to attend an all-boys boarding school in the US, which turned out to be a very formative experience in my life. As a young, naive kid from Bavaria, I quickly learned what real team spirit and comradery meant; being in such a radically different environment also made me appreciate the various experiences and backgrounds that people have in life, and it fostered a curiosity that I still carry today.

Johan together with Janick, Ginger, and Iris

Observing the entrepreneurial careers of my father and grandfather provided early insights into the world of business. Over time, I became obsessed with studying the great entrepreneurial careers and biographies of self-made people who came before us. To this day, this historical perspective serves as a great source of inspiration and humbleness for me. Pivotal moments like the global financial crisis of 2008 further spurred my interest in complex matters, and it became obvious to me that I wanted to study economics and finance.

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Through these studies in Switzerland, the US, and France, I realized that what I really enjoyed was thinking about what makes good businesses and their potential. As a result, I ventured into the world of investment banking to spend time learning the fundamentals. While I did learn a lot about corporate finance and strategy, I realized that I was continuously drawn to the challenges of growth.

Hence, I turned away from a career in banking and joined Creandum as an intern. When I was offered the opportunity to stay with the team full-time, the answer was an easy choice.

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