Isabelle Sandblom

London, Executive Assistant

Isabelle is the Executive Assistant in the London Office supporting Peter Specht and Carl Fritjofsson. She plays a pivotal role in the team, cultivating seamlessness within the bustling tapestry of deals, board meetings, and founder support.

For as long as I can remember I’ve always wanted to live abroad. Growing up with my brothers in Sweden we’d visit my mum’s family in France most summers. I still remember the long drives through Belgium, Denmark, and Germany where I immersed myself in books and daydreamed about living in these new places.

Teamdinner with Nick, Isabelle, Peter, Richard, Michelle, Beata, and Carl

Once I’d finished school I got a place on a creative writing and film studies programme in London and I’ve been here ever since! London just has a pull that makes it hard to leave. You can never run out of fun things to do here - from gigs, to exhibitions, to football games (I’m a big Arsenal fan!), and to pub quizzes where people are often surprised by my geography and flag knowledge. So if you need someone on your team with a 99% hit rate in these subjects, let me know!

True craftsmanship

I followed my innate ability of taking care of others for my career. As the oldest child, I’ve always been organized and responsible, and I have a real passion for supporting others and helping them reach their full potential. Working closely with Peter and Carl, I am lucky to get the chance to meet so many driven and passionate founders which makes every day different and exciting.

Richard, Isabelle, Gemma, and Anna-Karin enjoying the sun