Iris Hendriks

Berlin, Associate

Iris is one of our Associates based in Berlin. Following an agnostic approach, she is particularly fascinated by electrification and companies that dare to break the mold and dream big.

Throughout my childhood, I wanted to become an industrial designer – envisioning the chairs you relax in, the lamps illuminating your rooms, and the innovations that redefine everyday experiences. Although this dream made room for other aspirations over the years, I still have a sweet spot for art and photography.

Team dinner with the Berlin crew

Being brought up in an entrepreneurial family, my parents taught my brother and me to craft ideas around problems we were facing in our day-to-day activities. Almost no family dinner ended without discussing one business model; whether it was improving how to run a restaurant to how to establish a Moroccan tajine business in The Netherlands. One idea even made it into execution when I bought 300 iPhone cases during our vacation in Thailand and sold them during school breaks and on eBay.

Fashionable Friday @ team off-site

Later, following my background in business and information management, I worked and studied all over the globe (Netherlands, Canada, Switzerland, Belgium, and Germany), experiencing what I like and which environments make me thrive. This zest for exploration shapes everything I do; whether it’s solo backpacking, discovering the best restaurants in Berlin, or putting my teeth into emerging sectors; I love finding inspiration in the new and unfamiliar. In case you want some crazy good food recommendations for Berlin, hit me up. I’m your girl.

Taste testing with the Project Eaden team

I enjoy being challenged to understand many concepts at once, seeing and believing in opportunities, finding people with unstoppable ambitions, and giving them a platform to jump from – just like crafting a DIY package to build wings. Having worked in VC at Creandum for quite some time now, I can hardly imagine another job that gives me so much joy and leverages my abilities in such an impactful way.

Besides that, I am still truly loyal to my Dutch guilty pleasure of patatje oorlog (fries, mayo, peanuts, and raw onion). 10/10 would recommend.

Charged up with the Monta team + board