Felix Haas

Berlin, Designer in Residence

Felix is our UX/UI Design specialist, based in Berlin. He works closely with our portfolio companies to establish their initial design foundation, recruit design teams, and guide the development of their products from inception.

Ever since I was a kid, I loved building things. Although my focus has shifted towards designing digital products and creating product experiences, my journey began with crafting skateboards and surfboards in my grandmother’s garage from a single piece of wood. I moved to Berlin right after my final high school exam. Despite my mother’s concerns that I should take a more conventional break, my sole ambition was to create a photo-sharing app that would significantly simplify distributing images to friends. 

Peter and Felix on a snow jetski

After spending days in cafes, I networked fervently to establish connections within the startup community. One day, I proposed my new app idea to a stranger whom I met in one of the cafes, and remarkably, he agreed to invest in my company. This led me to go to San Francisco, and a photo of me walking down Sandhill Road with a sign reading ‘Seeking Investment for My Unicorn’ transformed into a viral Twitter post. While this venture didn’t result in a major breakthrough, it introduced me to incredible individuals, including my now-close friend, Patrick, who eventually became my business partner.

Hosting HEC Paris Design Talk

Embarking on the journey with him, we built Mapify: a travel social network that turned into a startup rollercoaster ride spanning three years, culminating in its acquisition by Home2Go. Subsequently, I became involved with various Q-Commerce startups (including Gorillas, Arive, and Zapp) as a Design Partner, contributing to their inaugural product development and aiding in the recruitment of design teams.

Team Dinner Berlin

Reflecting on my experiences, I’ve discovered a profound passion for supporting founders in shaping a product’s vision and translating it into the minds of diverse individuals through design. I relish the process of building products from the ground up and collaborating with small, highly skilled, driven teams. This has also led me to join Creandum, where I am privileged to collaborate with visionary leaders and contribute by helping them transform their concepts into tangible designs that will shape tomorrow’s world.

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