Daniel Blomquist

Stockholm, Operating Partner

Daniel is our Operating Partner based in Stockholm. He’s responsible for the firm’s operations, fund strategy, and managing the funds’ investors.

I have always had an affinity for learning new things. Growing up in a small village in Southern Sweden, my strongest childhood memories are traveling abroad and dreaming of becoming a diplomat or a pilot. Although I eventually chose a different professional career, I was set on working internationally. I went on to study an international and interdisciplinary engineering program mixing business and technology. I lived in France, Switzerland, and the UK during my studies before moving to Dubai to work in a different environment.

Teamdinner in Iceland

As Stockholm started to grace the magazine covers as the wireless capital of the world and tech startups began to take off in the late ‘90s, I decided to move back to Sweden. I joined a software startup and experienced being part of a fast-growing, VC-backed company running product and marketing. We had a long list of international telecom customers, and I traveled extensively in the US, Asia, and Europe. I remember fondly when a colleague and I built a software subscription business at a time when SaaS didn’t really exist –, basically as a startup within a startup.

Johan & Daniel

I joined Creandum in 2007 choosing between another journey with a startup or working as a VC. At the time, Creandum was still very much a startup itself, so I felt I got the opportunity to do both. I spent ten years in the investment team focusing on mobile games and software, including Small Giant and Magmatic as well as Neo4j and Opbeat.

On a team offsite

Eventually, I changed my path to focus more on how we build Creandum as a firm, responsible for operations, LP relationships, and fund strategy…I did say I was still keen on learning new stuff.

Staffan & Daniel

Daniel together with Jeff (President, Kauffman Fellows)

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