Anna-Karin Enfors

Stockholm, Controller

Anna-Karin is our Controller and based in Stockholm. She’s taking care that we have sufficient reporting in place and managing day-to-day finance-related matters.

I always loved business and economics at school. I asked a ton of questions and was so curious about it that my teacher encouraged me to work professionally in business analysis. I took her word and went for it. At university, I got really excited about business strategy and overall analysis but quickly realized that I needed to understand the accounting part to be good at it.

Gemma and AK in a sunny Andermatt

I started to work in auditing for two years and learned the basics of financial review and how to identify business risks. At some point, I decided to join a smaller company in an exciting environment where the decision lead time is shorter and where I get more involved in the overall business. I love to work in tight teams, set ambitious goals, and reach them together.

AK, Sabina, Staffan, and Katarina on a casual Friday

I was six when my dad took me to sailing camp and bribed me with dolls as I wanted to quit after the first day. It took me two years until I started loving it; at 15 I became a sailing teacher and every summer I love to sail away with friends in the archipelago. If my dad had listened to me as a six-year-old kid I wouldn’t have learned that sometimes good things take a while and that every now and then you need a little push to keep going forward.

Horse riding in Iceland

With everything I do, I am very considerate and like to think things through before making decisions. I have been a vegetarian since I was 12 because of a leaflet I took home from a vegetarian restaurant making me realize the concept of the meat industry. I stuck to it ever since and never thought about it again. I love to spend the weekends in the forest with my dog, doing CrossFit, and attempting gymnastics such as handstands (how many years can it take to learn?!).

AK, Sabina, Staffan, and Katarina exercising their hand stands