Hanel Baveja 21 December 2023

Backing Kosmik

It’s rare to meet a founding team ambitious enough to take on one of the most ubiquitous paradigms since the invention of the personal computer: the desktop. That was the first thing that got us excited after meeting Paul Rony and the team at Kosmik on one of my monthly visits to Paris.

Kosmik product in action

Kosmik is a powerful, flexible platform that reimagines from the ground up a better paradigm to organize, store, and share information. Breaking free from the hierarchy of files and folders, Kosmik instead takes a linked, networked approach to how information is stored, saved, and shared.

Kosmik enables users to create, think, and ultimately collaborate in a more intuitive, logical, and fun way. Think curating and sharing mood boards with clients, managing complex workflows in Figma, Notion, and team docs, or using several types of file formats to compile research for an upcoming project.

The Kosmik team in their Paris HQ

At Creandum, with our Nordic heritage, we have always had an obsession with beautiful products. And we’ve had the privilege to back fantastic product-obsessed teams across consumer, prosumer, and B2B. Now with a rockstar team in Paris and the Netherlands hailing from the likes of Apple, Beam, and Deezer, the Kosmik team is running full speed on new feature releases, including a number of AI-enabled features.

We couldn’t be more excited to back Kosmik in the next phase of their journey, alongside existing investors Alven, Kima, and angels including the founders of Replit and Quizlet.

To try Kosmik today, visit www.kosmik.app.

Paul and me at our 2023 CEO Summit in Stockholm


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