Carl Fritjofsson 21 May 2024

Backing H Company

Paris is fast becoming the epicenter of AI innovation in Europe. The latest AI startup to emerge there is H Company, led by Charles Kantor and Karl Tuyls who are bringing together some of the world’s most prominent AI researchers and builders. We believe that H Company represents the next frontier of generative AI and are backing them in their $220m+ seed round alongside Accel, Eric Schmidt, UIPath, Amazon, Xavier Neil, Yuri Milner and others. H Company has the potential to be one of the most important companies of our time.

Generative AI captured the world’s imagination with the launch of ChatGPT less than two years ago. Since then, we have witnessed a proliferation of large language models (LLMs) and a rapid expansion in their capabilities. There is no doubt that this is a transformational technology comparable to the launch of the internet.

But these foundational models also have flaws. Generalized LLMs are not always well suited to specialist fields such as medicine and law. We’ve seen numerous examples in the legal sector for instance where generalized models have hallucinated and provided fabricated case law, which can have serious consequences. These models also require vast amounts of data to train on and substantial processing power. 

So what comes next in generative AI? One answer is a multi-agent, multimodal foundational model, which could accelerate our path towards self-learning, artificial general intelligence. This is the approach that H is pioneering.  

Agents are specialized models trained and fine-tuned in specific environments (sometimes in games), capable of continuous learning, making judgments, and executing complex sequences of actions to achieve objectives. As these agents collaborate and learn from each other, they develop better memory, enhanced reasoning abilities, and fewer hallucinations.

H Company will apply this approach to individual vertical sectors, where specially trained multi-agent models will drive real value from AI and achieve results well beyond the capabilities of current, general purpose LLMs.

The team behind H is really the world’s AI elite. Between Charles (CEO), Laurent (CTO), Karl (Chief Research Operations), Daan (joining soon as Chief Scientist), Julien (Chief Multi-Agent), we have some of the most prominent AI visionaries, innovators and builders around. The core of the team comes from Deepmind and are the brains behind #AlphaGo, #AlphaFold and #AlphaStar, and are credited with some of the more important AI breakthroughs in modern times.

We can’t wait to see what they accomplish at H Company and we couldn’t be more proud and excited to welcome them to the #Creandumfamily. The ambition is sky high and the potential even greater. Let’s go!!!


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