Next generation green delivery service


Packfleet brings a dose of digital banking delight to the old parcel delivery market. The London-based logistics startup counts four Monzo alumni as its founders. Packfleet has two users: the small and medium-sized businesses which use its service to deliver their goods to customers; and the customers receiving those goods. Packfleet makes it easy for customers to pause deliveries or change delivery addresses, and for businesses to ensure that their goods actually arrive, and aren’t thrown over fences or given to the wrong person.

All fully electrified; good for the customer, good for the planet!

  • Founded 2021
  • Creandum Backed 2022
  • Founder  Tristan Thomas
      Hugo Cornejo
      Josh Garnham
  • Creandum Lead
Packfleet x Creandum
Gemma Bloemen 5 April 2022
Creandum x Packfleet